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We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services via our extensive network of imaging centres and mobile service fleet in Singapore.

We are ISO 15189 accredited for medical imaging, so you are assured of quality service and patient care from our team of professionally trained radiographers. Using advanced digital technology, we are committed to delivering accurate X-ray reports within one hour.

General X‑ray

General X-ray, also known as radiography, is a common imaging test for the diagnosis of bone injury or diseases such as lung infections.

We provide general X-ray services in various polyclinics, community hospitals, private medical centres and on board our Mobile X-ray trailer.

Our digital and teleradiology systems enable interpreted reports to be ready within 1 hour, so doctors can review the results promptly with their patients in one sitting.

To support the needs of ageing population and patients on wheelchairs, our centres in polyclinics are equipped with ceiling-suspended X-ray systems with height-adjustable examination tables.



Mammogram, or mammography, is a simple X-ray examination of the breast to detect the early stages of breast cancer, which have no signs or symptoms. When detected early, there are more treatment options and a higher chance of recovery.

Women aged 40 and above are encouraged to go for regular mammogram screening:

  • Every year (aged 40-49)*
  • Every 2 years (​aged 50 and above)

*If you are in your 40s, please seek your doctor's advice on the benefits and limitations of going for a mammogram.​​​

We provide mammogram screening in various polyclinics and on board the ​​ Mammobus, which are:

  • All-female environments that offer privacy for female participants.
  • Equipped with digital technology that enables faster screening.

The mammogram services in our imaging centres and Mammobus are under the national subsidised screening programme Screen For Life and accredited by the Health Promotion Board. You can enjoy subsidised rates and funding assistance for your mammogram if you fulfil the eligibility criteria.




Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) is a simple X-ray test that measures a person's bone mineral content by scanning the lower spine and hip. Recommended for people who are at risk of osteoporosis, BMD helps to detect loss of bone mass and risk of fracture.

We provide BMD services at our static centre as well as on board our Mobile BMD vehicles, which you can find at various polyclinics and community hospitals on scheduled days



Ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to check for abnormalities in the body's internal organs. It enables doctors to diagnose the patient's condition and provide timely and appropriate treatment.

We provide ultrasound services in various polyclinics and via our Portable Ultrasound service.