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Our Services & Locations

Mobile Services

We bring imaging services to the doorsteps of the community across Singapore so that you can go for screening conveniently near your home or workplace.

Our mobile service vehicles are available for community or corporate health screening events. Served by our dedicated team of mobile coordinators and radiographers, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and private screening experience on board our high-tech imaging fleet.​

Mobile X-ray

Our Mobile X-ray is a specially constructed trailer that provides X-ray screening. We offer convenience for corporate clients and healthcare providers who need on-site X-ray services in events such as health screening programmes.

Benefits of our Mobile X-ray:


  • Need not travel to a clinic or hospital for general X-ray.

Corporate/community partners

  • Can book our Mobile X-ray for health screening programmes or events where on-site X-ray services are needed.


Our Mammobus is a purpose-built bus that provides breast cancer screening (mammogram) service around Singapore. We bring our mammogram service to your doorsteps because we want to make breast cancer screening more accessible to the community.

Benefits of our Mammobus:


  • Can enjoy convenient mammogram screening near one's home or workplace.
  • Need not travel to a clinic or hospital for mammogram screening.

Corporate/community partners

  • Can book our Mammobus to offer mammogram screening to staff, tenants, clients or residents in health screening programmes or community wellness events.

Mobile BMD

Our Mobile Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) is a specially constructed trailer that provides bone mineral density scanning. We bring our BMD service to the community so that people can go for their BMD tests nearer their homes, workplaces or during community health screening events.

Benefits of our Mobile BMD:


  • Need not travel to hospitals for BMD tests as our Mobile BMD can be found at a primary care, workplace or community setting.


  • Have more BMD location options to refer their patients to.

Corporate/community partners

  • Can book our Mobile BMD for staff wellness programmes or community health screening events.

Portable Ultrasound

Our Portable Ultrasound service supports general practitioners and private medical centres that do not have any in-house ultrasound equipment. Our sonographers will travel with the Portable Ultrasound equipment to the required premises. This flexibility offers convenience for patients and improves the comprehensiveness of our diagnostic services for our healthcare partners.

Benefits of our Portable Ultrasound service:


  • Can go for ultrasound tests conveniently in neighbourhood clinics or community areas.


  • Can book our Portable Ultrasound service for convenient one-stop ultrasound service at their clinics.
  • Will help reduce their patients' waiting time for ultrasound appointments at hospitals or polyclinics.

Corporate/community partners

  • Can engage us to offer convenient on-site ultrasound services for staff, residents, clients or patients.