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Do I need a doctor's referral?


How can I book an appointment for general X-ray?
  • No prior appointment is needed
  • After you obtain a doctor's referral, just:
    • Visit any NHG Diagnostics Centre that offers general X-ray service
    • Go to the counter for registration with:
      • your doctor’s referral form
      • your identity card / work pass / passport
What must I prepare before going for my X-ray?
  • No fasting or special preparation is required.
  • If you are a female, take note of your last menstruation period. Before the examination, you will also be asked to sign a Pregnancy Declaration to declare that you are not pregnant.
What must I bring on that day?
  • Your identity card, work pass or passport
  • Your doctor's referral form that contains:
    • Your personal particulars
    • Name, MCR and signature of referring doctor
    • Clinic name, address, contact number and stamp
    • Test(s) to be performed
What is the procedure like?
  • If you are a female, our staff will ask about your last menstruation period, and you must sign a Pregnancy Declaration to declare that you are not pregnant.
  • For some X-ray tests, you will need to change into a plain gown and remove all jewellery and metal objects.
  • The radiographer will position you against the machine or imaging plate in a standing, sitting or lying down position. Please stay still when the X-ray is activated.
  • You may need to wait for a while after the X-ray is performed, as the radiographer will look through the images to determine if more are required.
How do I make payment?

Credit cards (Masters/VISA), Paynow and NETS are preferred.

How do I collect my report?
  • Self-collection: Report will be ready within 1 working hour for chest screening and urgent cases and within 24 working hours for all other cases.
  • From doctor: Report will be sent to your doctor's clinic within 3 working days.