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Do I need a doctor's referral?


How can I book an appointment for p​hlebotomy​?
  • No prior appointment is needed.
  • After you obtain a doctor's referral, just:
    • Visit any NHG Diagnos​tics Centre
    • Go to the counter for registration with:
      • your doctor’s referral form
      • your identity card / work pass / passport
What preparations do I need?

Please check with your doctor as your blood tests may be fasting or non-fasting:

Fasting test
  • Fast for 8 to 12 hours before your test. You can drink plain water to avoid dehydration.
  • If you are on any medication or supplements, inform your doctor in advance.
Non-fasting test
  • No special preparation needed.
What must I bring on that day?
  • Your identity card, work pass or passport
  • Your doctor's referral form that contains:
    • Your personal particulars
    • Name, MCR and signature of referring doctor
    • Clinic name, address, contact number and stamp
    • Test(s) to be performed
What is the procedure like?
  • Our staff will disinfect the selected site on your arm with an alcohol swab.
  • A needle will be inserted into your vein to draw your blood.
  • It might cause some slight discomfort but be assured that our staff are trained to make your experience safe, quick and comfortable.
How do I make payment?

Credit cards (Masters/VISA), PayNow and NETS are preferred.

How do I collect my report?

Please see your referral doctor for the report.