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Laboratory Testing

Do I need a doctor's referral?


How can I book an appointment for lab testing?
  • No prior appointment is needed.
  • After you obtain a doctor's referral, just:
    • Visit any NHG Diagnostics Centre
    • Go to the counter for registration with:
      • your doctor’s referral form
      • your identity card / work pass / passport
What must I prepare before going for a lab test?

Please check with your doctor as your blood tests may be fasting or non-fasting:

Fasting test
  • Fast for 8 to 12 hours before your test. You can drink plain water to avoid dehydration.
  • If you are on any medication or supplements, inform your doctor in advance.
Non-fasting test
  • No special preparation needed.
If urine sample is required
  • Keep your bladder full before the sample is collected.
What must I bring on that day?
  • Your identity card, work pass or passport
  • Your doctor's referral form that contains:
    • Your personal particulars
    • Name, MCR and signature of referring doctor
    • Clinic name, address, contact number and stamp
    • Test(s) to be performed
What is the procedure like?

Laboratory testing involves collecting samples such as blood, urine and stool.

Urine or stool sample

Our staff will issue you a clean bottle and advise you on the proper collection procedure.

Blood sample
  1. Our staff will disinfect the selected site on your arm with an alcohol swab.
  2. A needle will be inserted into your vein to draw your blood.
  3. It might cause some slight discomfort but rest assured that our staff are trained to make your experience safe, quick and comfortable.
How do I make payment?

Credit cards (Masters/VISA), PayNow and NETS are preferred.

How do I collect my report?
  • On-site tests: You can collect from our counter within 1 hour.
  • Send-out tests: You can collect from our counter in a few days' time.